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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy contains the information required by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (EU) (hereinafter the “Regulation”) about the processing of personal data that is carried out when you use our website.

The data controller who determines the purposes and means of processing your personal data is the holiday home Pušų kiemas, represented by Jurgita Podskočimienė, acting under the Business License No. DJ074179-1. Bank Account No. LT19 3500 0100 1133 1037.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, as the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy apply every time you purchase goods from this online shop, visit our website or otherwise use it. Please read the latest version of this document regularly, as its content may change in the future.

Persons under the age of 14 may not submit any of their personal data to this website. If you are a person under 14 years of age, you must obtain the consent of your parents or other legal guardians before submitting your personal data to this website.

The Terms used in this Privacy Policy shall be understood as defined in the Regulation.

The information below covers the following purposes of data processing:

We may collect, store and use the following types of information:

  • E-commerce;
  • Complaints, enquiries or the administration of orders;
  • Email communication;
  • Use of cookies;
  • Quiet hours;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Use of social media.

This Privacy Policy also describes your rights as a data subject, the provision of data to the recipients, and other personal data processing conditions applicable to all personal data processed by the company for the purposes listed above.


For the purpose of e-commerce, we will process the data you provide during your registration, as well as the data we receive when you make a purchase, including information about the goods you have purchased and data related to the payment. If you do not provide your personal data at the time of registration, we will not be able to identify you and sell you goods.


If you have submitted a complaint, claim, enquiry or order by email, in writing or otherwise, the personal data you have voluntarily provided will be processed for the purpose of administering that complaint, claim, enquiry or order. If your complaint or claim relates to a potential dispute, potential damage, etc., as well as to a contractual relationship arising from the execution of an order, your personal data may be stored for a maximum period of 10 years. If the personal data relating to the complaint or claim does not relate to a potential dispute, it will be deleted within a shorter period of time when it is no longer necessary for achieving the related purpose. The processing of your personal data will be based on the expression of your free will, i.e. your consent, but in certain cases, a legal act may become the basis for the continued storage of a complaint.


Under the Regulation, the content of e-mail correspondence is considered to be personal data, even if the correspondence is between employees of legal persons. In this context, the content of electronic communication, as well as email addresses, are subject to the rules on the processing of personal data required under the Regulation. The basis for processing your personal data is the expression of your free will to communicate by email and provide certain data therein, i.e., your consent. Furthermore, the processing may also be based on the performance of contractual and statutory obligations. Your email address, the content of correspondence and the related data will be processed in accordance with the proportionality principle. This data will be available, in particular, to the person with whom you communicate directly by email. However, in certain cases, your correspondence may be accessed by other employees; for example, for internal administrative purposes, for investigating possible breaches of legislation or internal rules, for the purpose of replacing an employee, and for related purposes and in similar situations.


Quiet hours in our rooms and common areas are from 11 PM to 7 AM.


The customer is fully responsible for the inventory on the premises and shall compensate for any damages that are caused.


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer. There are several types of internet cookies, each with different purposes. Cookies also help us distinguish you from other users of the website, thereby ensuring a more pleasant website experience and allowing us to improve the website functionalities.

However, please note that blocking all cookies will adversely affect your use of the website, and without cookies you will not be able to use all the services available on the website. You can take advantage of these possibilities. However, please note that blocking all cookies will adversely affect your use of the website, and without cookies you will not be able to use all the services available on the website.

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Performance (session) cookies. These cookies are intended to improve the operation of the website and to collect general (anonymous) information about your use of the website;
  • Analytics (tracking cookies from Google Analytics). These cookies help us identify and count visitors to the website, and to track how visitors move around the website as they use it. This helps us improve the performance of the website; for example, by ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for. The processing of the data collected by these cookies is based on your consent;
  • Functional cookies. These cookies are used to recognise returning website visitors. This allows us to provide tailored content on social networks and remember information relevant to the customers. The processing of the data collected by these cookies is based on your consent.

A list of the cookies used on our website is provided below:

Cookie name Purpose of the cookie (what is it used for?) Collected data How long is the cookie stored for?
_ga Google Analytics for user recognition. Unique ID number 2 years
_gat Google Analytics is used to measure the frequency of queries Numeric value (“1”) 1 minute
_gid Google Analytics for user recognition. Unique ID number 1 day
agreeCookiePolicy Used to recognise whether a user has clicked a consent button in a cookie message Numeric value (“1”) 10 years
pll_language Used for recognising the language of the selected website language (LT, RU or EN) 1 year
_ceir, is_returning Used for identifying the sources leading to the page, to improve the performance of advertising channels Numeric value (“1”) 5 years
_CEFT Used to allow the owner of a webpage to determine which version of the page works better 1 year
_ceg.s For monitoring visitor activity to improve the website performance Unique ID code 3 months
_ceg.u For tracking visitor behaviour to improve the website performance Unique ID code 3 months
cer.s For monitoring anonymous visitor activity and recording the time and actions, in order to improve the website performance Session until the user turns off the browser
cer.v For monitoring and recording anonymous visitor activity, as well as identifying the time of the visit and the number of visits to improve the website performance Up to 31 days (deleted on the first day of each month)